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Malware Removal

Don't let malware ruin your website! We can help you remove it and get your site back up and running.

Starting @ $69

Malware Removal Process.

If you have a website that has been infected with malware, we can help you clean it up and get your site back up and running. We offer a complete malware removal service that will remove all the malware from your website and restore it to its original state.

We have a team of experienced professionals who will scan your website for malware and remove it. We will also check for any potential vulnerabilities that could have allowed the malware to get onto your website in the first place.

Here's what our service includes:

1Scanning for Vulnerabilities

We will scan your website for any potential vulnerabilities. This will help us to identify the cause of the malware infection and fix it so that it doesn't happen again.

2Malware Removal & Cleanup

We will remove all the malware from your website and restore it to its original state. If there is any damage that has been done to your website, we will also try to repair them.

  • We update plugins, themes, and WordPress itself to their latest versions. This will help close any security holes that may have been exploited by the malware.
  • We will also conduct a thorough scan of your website's files and database to remove any malicious code that may be present.
  • We will fix any file permissions that may have been changed by the malware. This will help to prevent any further attacks on your website.
  • Fixing issues related to firewalls and setting up WAF (Web Application Firewall)

3Prevention & Protection

Once your website has been cleaned up, we will help you to protect it from future malware infections. We will install security software & firewalls. We also make sure that everything on your website is up-to-date.

4Report Generation

Once we have completed our analysis and made the necessary changes to your website, we will generate a report. This report will show you the progress that we have made and the improvements that have been made to your website.

Malware Removal Features

Got your website hacked? We can help you get rid of the malware and clean up your website.


Malware Removal

Get rid of the malware from your website and its database in a quick and efficient manner with our malware removal services.


Restore Website

Restoring your website to its original state is important to us, and we can help you do that with our services.


Cleanup Website

We help you clean up your website and remove any traces of the malware so that your website is clean and safe.


Improve Security

Improve the security of your website and make it more difficult for hackers to get into your website by hardening firewalls.


Comprehensive Reporting

Stay updated on the progress of our malware removal efforts with our comprehensive reports and get peace of mind.


Free Consultation

Get a free consultation from our team of experts to know more about how we can help you with malware removal.

Questions On The Projects

Yes, we guarantee complete Malware Removal.

Our security experts are equipped with modern tools. We will scan every file of your website and server, detect all the malicious files and code in files and remove them from the root so that the issue will not arise again.

If required, we will change your server or set it up with up to date security patches.

HeySERPs Malware Removal Service focuses on finding the problem's root cause. Our team will take all the possible steps to determine where the malware comes from, and if we find any open port on your server, we will close it.

After the malware removal, we will submit a detailed report containing all the details to you.

Yes, Malware Removal Packages include everything from complete website scanning to server-side scanning.

We use a set of advanced tools for 360° malware removal, and our team not only depends upon the tool's result, but we will also do the manual checkup for complete security.

The Malware Removal charges depend upon your website's size, type of malware that affected your website, and more. Our Malware Removal Services start at $69, but the pricing may be different for you depending upon the website's condition and size.

For the exact pricing, you can share your website details with us, and after analyzing the issue, we can tell you the exact charges and time required for complete malware removal.

This will not happen because we do not just remove the malware but also install the security plugins on websites and the latest security patches on your server, so the issue should not arise in the future.

If the same malware problem arises just after the service is completed, then we will be responsible for it, and if the problem occurs after a few months or by your mistake, you need to pay additional charges.

Website Blocklisting includes many things such as Search Engine Blocklisting, Google Blocklist, Google Diagnostic Safe Browsing Reports, "This site may be hacked" in search results, and more.

We can help you get your website off blocklist, but you need to pay additional charges for it.

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