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Outsource the best digital market agency for your brand to let the words about your achievements out to your target audience with our PR services.

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Press Release Process.

When you want to get the word out about your brand, a press release is a great way to do it. Here at HeySERP, we can help you write and distribute a press release that will reach your target audience.

We have a rich repository of press release publication websites to help you distribute your brand communication to major news sites with the least effort for great results. Get the most affordable prices for publishing press releases to milestone your business achievements with HeySERP’s expertise.

Let’s take a peek into the press release process:

1Brainstorming & Planning

We start by brainstorming ideas for your press release. Once we have a good idea of what you want to achieve, we will develop a plan for how to go about writing and distributing your press release.

2Identifying Target Audience

We will identify your target audience and make sure that your press release is tailored to them. It is important to make sure that your press release reaches the right people.

3Writing & Editing

Our team of experienced writers will then start crafting your press release. Once it is written, our editors will check it for errors and make sure that it meets all your requirements.

  • We brainstorm ideas for your press release and develop a plan of action.
  • Our team of experienced writers will write your press release.
  • Once it is written, our editors will check it for errors and make sure that it meets all your requirements.

4Submission & Distribution

After completing the press release, we submit and distribute the press release on key news sites to offer you optimum exposure to your achievement and your brand.

5Reporting & Analysis

After your press release has been distributed, we will provide you with a report detailing the results. We will also analyze these results and offer suggestions on how to improve your press release strategy in the future.

Press Release Features

Our expert press release services will give your business the required momentum to flourish.


Better Reach

Introduce your brand to a new audience and help them discover your services for better reach and sales prospects.


Focus on the Best

Since a PR is to highlight any achievement for your website, we explore different angles to make your brand look good in front of your target audience.


Builds Trust

Our content writers resort to emotional sentiments while working on the press release to evoke a sense of trust for the brand, making it easy for you to create a conducive environment.


Distribution to Major Publications

Get seen amidst the crowd and competitive space by opting for our press release writing service, wherein we distribute your brand communication on key platforms.


Establish Credibility

Create a strong authority for your business using our press release writing and distribution service to establish thought leadership and credibility about your brand for your end-users.


Boost Traffic

Leverage the power of a new traffic channel for your website through the website with high domain authority and generate qualified leads for your brand.

Questions On The Projects

Yes, we will take care of everything from press release writing to publishing.

Even when our writers have done their work, we will share the content with you so that you can also check and suggest the required changes before the content gets published on reputed news websites.

We only publish press releases on reputed high authority websites where your press release will automatically get noticed by a large number of readers.

In some conditions, we also run Facebook and Instagram ads so that more people will notice your press release.

We can not share the list of available websites publicly. For this, you need to get in touch with us and share your details. Then, our team will provide you with the list of available websites and details related to the pricing.

If you want to get your press release published on a specific news portal, you can share it with us, and we will make it available for you. Our press release services start at $149, but this price may vary depending on your selected website.

Usually, the press release gets published within 3 days from the date of order. Once we get your order, our marketing team will understand your need and ask one of the professional writers to write a copy. After your approval, we will begin the process of getting it published.

Sometimes, it may take more; the time may vary depending on your selected site.

No, our professional content writer will write a new copy for each press release.

We believe that high-quality content is important for creating high-impact thought press releases. Our motive is to help customers get the most out of what they have ordered from us.

If you are not satisfied with the press release written by our writer, we will assign the task to another writer, we have a pool of writers. Only after your content approval we will begin the press release distribution process.

You can also share the content from your end if you can.

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